You woke up one day and finally admitted to yourself that you needed to make a change. You did not like the person you saw in the mirror, and you needed your confidence back. You remembered those days when every outfit looked good on you. Your doctor advised you that you needed to start taking your health more seriously. For a while you tried to do it on your own, but you gave up because you saw no improvement. However, today you woke up and decided that this would not be your ending, so you went looking for someone to inspire you, and hold you accountable. You needed somebody to motivate you and keep you going when times got rough. You needed somebody to push you beyond your limit until you achieved greatness. Guess what? You found what you were looking for.

In Solomon’s Gem I can help you be the best version of yourself. There will be times you want to give up, but that is what I am here for. My job is to help you get to the finish line. As long as you believe, you will achieve.

I offer my clients more than strength training, and meal planning. As long as you believe you will achieve. The lessons I teach you, will help you overcome the challenges that life may bring. I am the best as what I do because I live and breath fitness. Allow me to help you be the best version of yourself.

My name is Solomon Pratt and I am a personal trainer, life coach, and American author. I train and help hundreds of people be the best version of themselves. I have been a  personal trainer for 6 years, and health and fitness is my passion.  I love teaching people life skills to help them develop their discipline,  knowledge, and mental toughness.

My health and fitness journey started when I was  13 years old.  I was watching  a  documentary about  Bruce Lee and in that documentary it stated that Bruce Lee, “Trained like a mad man possessed”.  It was at that very moment that I decided that I wanted to be the strongest, toughest, version of myself.

I started  practicing Martial Arts. My first fighting style was Tae K won Do. Eventually  I  learned boxing, and  Shaolin Kung Fu. My uncle also started teaching  me  about  weight training when I was 13 and I got some great results.

When I was in my mid  twenties  I pursued modeling,  but I could not get signed to an agency. Since I enjoyed fitness a lot more, I decided to stick with fitness and received my training certification from the NCCPT.

As a personal trainer I help clients with their health and fitness goals. Changing lives is my business. My specialty is building muscle, burning fat, and building strength. I can train men and women equally, however my clients are mostly women. I am good at getting rid of back fat, helping women tone up and achieve their curves naturally, and I help my clients get rid of stubborn belly fat.

My  first book entitled, The Health and  Fitness Bible, is available on Amazon, and it will  help people from around the world achieve their health and fitness goals. Getting started is key to achieving results, but knowledge is power, so learning the fundamentals is very important.  I can help anyone change their body for the better,  as long as they are coach-able, consistent, and willing to put in the work.

I offer

  • Online Coaching
  • One on On Training
  • Consultation
  • Speaking

To get in touch contact me at Solomon Pratt at 630-489-7051 or email me directly below











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